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Learning ChiRunning Like a Child

Kids are like sponges—undoubtedly the best learners in the world. However, as most people age, they lose the natural curiosity and play when learning something new.

Adults feel like they need to “get it” right away, but that’s just not realistic! Think of a baby trying to learn how to crawl or walk. When the child falls down, does it get dejected and think, “I can’t do it. Sorry Mom and Dad, I know you know how to walk, but it’s not going to work for me”?


They don’t have the automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) that most of us adults have which holds us back. Dr. Daniel Amen, a pioneer in brain research, has some strategies to kill your ANTs right now.

There a very little to no ANTs in a child’s brain that young. That kid gets back up and keeps having fun. They have a natural curiosity and sense of discovery, and they also have tons of encouragement from their parents and family.

This is the attitude that we need to cultivate as we learn the ChiRunning method. I want to you think of the NOPS method when learning, which I learned from my friends Learning Strategies Corporation and from the book Taming Your Gremlin by Richard Carson. NOPS stands for:

Notice it: Notice your feelings, whether they be frustration, embarrassment or whatever it is. Your feelings are not right or wrong, they just are.

Own it: You need to OWN your experience, don’t deny it. You can solve problems when you admit what’s really going on.

Play with it: This can be FUN! Think of that child messing around with how they are moving through space. Go deeper into your confusion, which is an absolutely wonderful state of mind to be in while learning. It may not be pleasant because it stretches your comfort zone, but that’s what growing is all about. Ask questions with child-like curiosity.

Stay with it: It may not be easy at first, but the time spent in confusion and frustration is what starts to give way to a gradual increase in clarity and success. I love the saying “Anything worth doing is worth doing POORLY at first”. Also, “Anything worth doing is worth WORKING FOR”. Another great one: “If at first you don’t succeed…YOU’RE NORMAL!!”

Keep on learning like a child, and remember NOPS: Notice it, Own it, Play with it, and Stay with it. Come back to the website for guidance and ask a LOT of questions. I’m here to help any time: call or email me with questions. You CAN learn how to run with less impact and effort. It all depends on your attitude to learning.


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