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Placebo Surgery

Have a meniscus tear? Told that surgery is the ONLY option? I'd like to point out to you a study where a PLACEBO SURGERY was performed by just making an incision and stitching it back up, and compared to those who had the surgery where they "clean out" the knee by cutting out the frayed edges of the cartilage in the knee. After 2 years, the 2 groups were found to be equal in outcomes and function. Holy crap! What is going on here? More than just physical, as I hope you've figured out by now.

This is interesting news about the efficacy (or lack thereof) of knee surgery, and it shows that there was essentially NO DIFFERENCE between those who had surgery and those who had a placebo surgery. That is, people who didn't have any part of the meniscus cut out or repaired, but rather just cut and sewed back up to LOOK LIKE an actual procedure took place, actually did just as good as those who got a repair through arthroscopic surgery.

Pretty amazing, huh? I heard this news today and absolutely had to post it. It is from randomized controlled trial in a peer-reviewed article in the New England Journal of Medicine by J. Bruce Moseley, MD in 2002. You can look at a PDF of the article here.

We need to understand that there are physical things like a torn meniscus, but the manifestation of this tear can be a result of the disruption in our body's natural flow of energy. It is definitely worth going over all the movements we offer at Xtra Mile Physical Therapy, including Total Motion Release and Pain Neutralization Technique, as well as go after the energy disruptions and emotional causes of pain with Emotional Freedom Technique.

There is a great cost both financially and in our own physical symptoms and pain when we don't take into account the energy system that we are, a spiritual being that has been given our amazing physical body. Be sure to love yourself truly and deeply, and if you can't do that, inquire why. Our bodies are soooooooo intelligent, all we have to do is listen and they will tell us what we need to do.

Listen closely, breathe deeply, love yourself. Make the choice to live free TODAY!

NEVER underestimate the power of the mind to heal. When those people woke up and saw an incision, they had the thought that the surgery took care of that gnawed up cartilage in their knee. By having those kind of thoughts, then they could heal without interruption of their energy system. Even though the physical problem was still there, these people actually functioned just as good as those who got a repair.

When you are in pain and come into a treatment such as physical therapy or acupuncture or whatever, please do yourself a favor and open your mind to the possibility that what you receive is exactly what you need to heal.

I've seen people who say that their joints are bad and that's just the way it is, and they tend to be right. If they have in the back of their mind that only surgery will help to improve their pain and function, they will be right, because our bodies will try to prove that we are right at all costs.

This can be the same of all treatment modalities, because every single person in the pain world has some positive comment about how good that treatment is. Was it because that treatment or practitioner was so good? Maybe, but I think a lot of it is determined in the mind from the confidence of the provider to give their treatment and, in a way, give that person what they feel they need most to heal.

I go a little more in-depth on this issue in my free webinar, found at

Watch it and learn more how to improve your knee pain, and get back to loving running again!

Expect the Best!


Trent Corey PT, DPT

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