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The Wonders of the Sun

This video discusses the effects of the sun and our health, and it's probably not what you think. When our bodies have the right amount of minerals and nutrition in them, then the sun is a wonderful healer of many maladies of our age. However, that's where the misnomer of the sun being harmful and the cause of cancers come in. As Dr. Nadine Ardemis discusses in her speech, there is NO true link between sun exposure and melanomas; actually it was found that those working in office buildings all day had a HIGHER incidence of cancers than those who were in the sun all day!

WHOA! What the heck is going on here? Why aren't people in the news exalting the wonders of the sun on human health? Oh yeah, look at the ads on the national nightly news. I see ads for Chantix, Viagra, and Nexium, among others. Big Pharma can sell you these products for quite a high price because a lot of people are sick, and they made a product that they can PATENT for millions to take. Tough to patent the sun and turn a profit, isn't it?

If news came on tomorrow that the SUN was a great healing factor for all sorts of disease and inflammation in the body, nothing would probably change. Many people have made their minds up that healing must be difficult and done with prescription medications. It comes down to public collective consciousness and subconsciousness that will turn the tide to more natural remedies for problems. What part can you play to awaken your friend, co-worker, spouse, or family member? Discussion of FACTS and clearing blocks is a big part of healing and evolving as an organism and a species.

I'm hoping that this information was helpful today, and that you stand guard at the door of your mind!

Get outside, and go for a run. Nature is such an important healer!

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