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Are You An Ideal Patient? (Or Not?)

There is an old saying that goes “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. If you are not ready to get to work on your issues and take this on with me together, then now is not your time. This is not for everyone, nor should it be. But, if you have the courage and desire to join your journey with mine and commit the next couple months to get your own body-mind’s wellness back into equilibrium with nature, then NOW IS YOUR TIME!!!

Congratulations on taking this step.

With the commitment, there is also the need to be patient and let go of wanting to get better all at once. It’s a weird thing, but the more you resist the problem, the more it persists. Have you ever tried to have something go your way, and you really push to get it, but then it doesn’t happen? However, once you let go of pushing so hard, then it comes so easy. There are examples like this for all of us in some way, and I suggest if you let go of the outcome and just do the work I describe without pressing for the need to see a quick result, then you will do well to bring your body back into balance.

The patients that I love to work with bring such a great energy to the room, show up regularly, are positive about learning to help their bodies heal, read all materials and really communicate well as they do their therapy. They acknowledge the problem they have but do not dwell on it, focusing on solutions.

MINDSET: This is very important and a big determination in getting better or not. If you have come to me to “fix” you and don’t want to do your part in healing, then you need to stop this. If you come to me to get lessons and assistance on how to make yourself heal better, then you’ve come to the right place.

We need to realize that our bodies are loyal servants to our minds, loyally doing what we tell them to do day in and day out. Only when we get an ache or pain do we start to recognize how much that body part was an appreciated part of our lives. Pain is a signal from the body, a message that something isn’t quite right, and you need to change something to get back on track again. Your body is a teacher, and the pain is a lesson. How you learn your lesson and listen to your body determines whether or not you feel much better or continue to have problems.

This has happened to me, where I was a young college runner with a knee injury who would ignore my body’s pain signals until it hurt so bad that I physically couldn’t do easy runs any more, let alone races or workouts. I would slowly work with the trainer to work my way up to some running, but several times I did too much. The trainer would say to go about a mile and see how it goes, and I would do 4 miles because I used to do 10-12 miles/day before I got injured. This would inevitably get me injured again, and then I had to take the slow road back to recovery and build up again. I did this for about 2-3 years of my college career, some of the best running years of my life that could have been full of personal records and national level competition. Instead I spent a lot of the time in the pool, on the bike and in the training room while my teammates were out on the track doing killer workouts or going to Nationals for cross country. It really hurt to not be in the mix with my teammates, and as I look back, I see that it came from not truly listening to my body but also not doing all that my trainer was asking me to do to heal.

I really don’t want this to happen to you, where you continue to irritate your injury and keep coming back. I want you to be very aware of your body’s signals, and observe how things are changing as we do the exercises and lessons. I want you to love your body to send love and light to that area that is hurting and to thank that painful place for all the good work it has done for you over the years. I want you to have the positive expectation that your body knows deeply how to heal, but we have to open up to hear those signals. I want you to live for joy, appreciation, gratitude, love, and kindness; focus on these things, not on how bad your pain is or how you can’t do something. Believe it or not, your pain can be a great thing in your life to help you change for the better by recognizing that you are not living in harmony with nature and your true life purpose. For my pains, I realize that when I’m complaining, stressed out, worried, etc., that I hurt a lot more. When I calm down, get centered, and thank my body for getting back in tune with nature and my purpose to help others heal, then I feel a ton better. You can do exactly the same thing with great results.

Trent Corey PT, DPT

Find Yourself Running, LLC

Xtra Mile Physical Therapy

Plus: Whenever you’re ready... here are 3 ways I can help you feel fit, healthy and strong again without pain meds, injections or surgery...

1. Grab a free copy of my book

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2. Request a Total Body Diagnostic Test.

We've got room on our schedule for a few new patients this month and if you’d like to find out exactly what's going on in as little as 20 minutes, maybe even just get a 2nd opinion... just send me a message at with the words “TBD”. You can also click here to fill out a quick form so I can help you more.

3. Work with me and our team privately.

If you’re serious about getting out of pain and back to running, and you’d like to work directly with me to help you feel Fit, Healthy and STRONG again... just send me a message at with the words ”ALL IN!” ... tell me a little about what's going on and what you’d like to work on together, and I’ll get you all the details! 👈

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