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Now More Than Ever

In these times, there is a tendency for craziness to take over the days. We hurry to work, try to get everything done by deadlines, eat on the go, rush home, get dinner made, put the kids to bed, then stare at a big bright screen or stare at our little phone screens, then toss and turn at night with the worries of the world and what tomorrow might bring.

Whew! That seems to be an absolutely nutty thing to do every day, one our ancestors could never have even dreamt of. However, as technology has allowed so much convenience of basic needs, information, and entertainment, it’s also had a whiplash effect of accelerating our lives, many times in unwanted ways.

At the end of December 2016, when my physical therapy clients would come in, I mentioned to them how fast the year has gone by. Almost everyone nodded in agreement, saying that they don’t know where all that time went. The same is true for this past month—“Can you believe that January is already over?” Many people had something that they wanted to improve in terms of health in the year 2017, and now it’s 1/12 gone.

The news has totally not helped either, with nothing but uncertainty on the horizon as a new president takes over. Most talk is not productive, but rather contentious, creating an increase in the collective blood pressure of the country. Then you look at all the violence and threats of terrorism, and this can get you thinking quite pessimistically about the world in a hurry. People are either too caught up in the news or turn their eyes from the events of the world as they see the problems that are just too big for one person to change. Instead, they not exactly ignore it all but may tend to get overly self-involved, capturing the perfect selfie and getting worked up about the details of their little lives.

When people say it’s too big for one person to change, that’s where I say WRONG!! Mahatma Gandhi said, “BE the change that you wish to see in the world”. That’s damn right. I look at what I do in the world as a physical therapist and running coach, and I see someone who is changing the world through focus on their bodies, mindfulness, and movement. I see the words that I write having a strong impact on the runners I reach, letting them know that THEY can be that change too. What is the change that YOU are going to be?

ChiRunning is way more than just a running technique to me. Yes, it’s about the proper form and focus, but it’s in the PROCESS that you become centered in your body, your breathing, and your energy. This allows us to face the world that oftentimes seems too crazy. When we go with flow and not force, then we resonate with nature, our greatest healer. Yes, these are trying times, but we’re ready as ChiRunners and ChiWalkers to let our hearts lead us to our destiny.

Trent Corey PT, DPT

Find Yourself Running, LLC

Xtra Mile Physical Therapy

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