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Don't Hold Back Your Healing

Whenever we have an injury or feel struggle in our lives, it is very important to look within ourselves with compassion and honesty. Taking the time to do this provides insight into our true hearts’ desires.

Here are some self-inquiry questions[1] from a book called The Herbs of Life: Health and Healing Using Western & Chinese Techniques by Lesley Tierra that you should really take the time RIGHT NOW and answer with full honesty for yourself. I won’t be collecting the answers, because I think the questions are more important. They will get you in the right frame of mind of what may be holding back your healing. Just taking the next 15-20 minutes to do this can really go a long way in saving weeks if not months of healing time.

1. Do I truly want to get better?

2. Am I ready to be healed, to be different than I am now?

3. Am I willing to do the necessary work to make those changes?

4. Do I try to sabotage my healing process? If so, why?

5. Why do I continue my harmful habits? What do they give me that I don’t get otherwise?

6. Do I have enough love in my life?

7. Do I get enough attention in my life?

8. Am I satisfied emotionally? Spiritually? Physically? Creatively? Mentally?

9. How important am I to me?

10. Do I feel good about my life and myself?

11. Do I allow the world to control and dominate me, or am I involved in my healing?

12. What unresolved issues am I carrying around from my childhood or any other time of my life?

13. Do I like my work or my job?

14. Am I happy with my career?

15. Are my relationships satisfying?

16. What is my true heart’s desire?

17. What changes can I make to start following my heart’s desire?

18. What changes can I make to start bringing more satisfaction into my life in the areas that are lacking?

19. What can I do to assure I follow the changes necessary for improving my health?

20. What specific help can I seek to make these changes?

Once you have your answers, review them every once in awhile to make sure you are on purpose in your life.

Another self-inquiry process called “The Work” by Bryon Katie is also super valuable to realize what thoughts and beliefs you have are actually true. I will go into more depth in another blog post, but in the meantime, check out her book called Loving What Is.

Have a great day! Don’t be afraid to look within yourself, because when you do, you release all the locked energy that’s holding you back from your dreams!!

[1] Tierra, Lesley. The Herbs of Life: Health and Healing Using Western & Chinese Techniques. The Crossing Press, Freedom, CA, 1992. P.120.

Trent Corey PT, DPT

Find Yourself Running, LLC

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