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The Earth as an Anti-Inflammatory

This video is really important in this day and age, since SO MANY OF US are being exposed to electric energy that is having inflammatory effects in the body that we don't even know of--until now! This stuff can be measured, so this isn't some sort of woo-woo thing. Actual science!

That is crazy to see all that voltage going through David, then see it almost completely disappear when he touches the earthing pad. I have an earthing pad, but it's been sitting under the bed lately because I really couldn't appreciate the difference it was making for me. After this video, however, I got it out and I have a bare foot on it as I type here.

Tell your family and everyone you know about this, and consider getting an earthing pad, especially as we tend to spend so much time indoors during the winter months. When using an iPad, 24 volts going through you has potential for disrupting many electrical processes in the body, and believe me, you don't want to mess with what your body is trying to do naturally. When in nature, the voltage is 0.

If you live somewhere where it's warm (or not for you hardy folks) try to at least get your skin in contact with the bare earth or grass once a day. I love a barefoot walk on the grass, and I always feel better after I've been outside for at least 20 minutes. Touching a tree with your hands or digging in the garden is also vital for getting valuable electrons that fight free radicals and to set your rhythms to that of the earth—not that of your electronic devices!

Putting bare feet on the ground and using an earthing pad can really be important for runners who are battling some inflammation in the body. Just be careful and watch for sharp objects, ideally in a nice field or even a trail. Carry shoes with you when rocks are too uncomfortable. A nice reference for barefooting is Michael Sandler’s book Barefoot Running. It doesn’t mean you have to actually run barefoot, but it does give practical advice and information about shedding your shoes and its benefits.

For more information about using the ground as an anti-inflammatory called “Earthing”, please read the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! By Clinton Ober, Stephen Sinatra, and Martin Zucker.

Some of the most effective cures are already right around us, and the discovery of something as basic as putting your feet on the ground is definitely proof of that. Let nature heal you—connect to the earth.

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