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Healing With Love, Forgiveness, and Kindness

My program with teaching my runners involves love, forgiveness and kindness of yourself and others. This is what I learned from Master Chunyi Lin of Spring Forest Qigong, and I’ve adopted into how I live in the world. I challenge you to adopt these in your life as you learn more gentle running form and lifestyle.

In his book, Born a Healer, Chunyi Lin speaks about his life growing up during the Cultural Revolution in China, and how people he thought he could trust turned out to betray him. He was separated from his parents at a very young age, and it was a very confusing time. As he grew up, at one time he had suicidal depression and very bad arthritis from traumatic injuries, which are mentioned in his book. He learned Qigong from several masters from many areas of the country, which gave him the ability to feel the energy and begin to heal himself and others. Although the movements and focus were critical to Master Lin’s growth with qigong, it was only when he was able to forgive others and have unconditional love that we would fully heal and be able to heal others.

A hugely understated force in the universe is love, specifically a love that is unconditional no matter what is going on the past what might happen in the future. Mahatma Gandhi said about love: “Love is the strongest force the world possesses, and yet it is the humblest imaginable.”

It is very important to realize that loving yourself and all your body is so important for complete in optimal health. Everything in this universe is energy, including thoughts and feelings. The more positive feelings we have searches gratitude, peace, kindness, love, appreciation, the more those good chemical reactions (endorphins) happen inside of our bodies and our bodies feel better.

However the more negative feelings we have, then the worse we generally feel due the dumping of cortisol and adrenaline into the body. There's been high correlation between disease and stress as well as emotional trauma: the American Institute of Stress states that 75 to 90% of visits to the doctor are related to stress!

Understanding that we have an ability to respond to any situation positively or negatively allows us to realize that we have a lot of control in how chemical processes related to healing occur. Any time we can choose to feel blessed, joyful and thankful for being here on this amazing planet with the amazing people we see every day living in this human body.

This body is a community of about 50 Trillion cells, which respond to the vibrations in energy that we call emotions and thoughts. Hence, there is the placebo effect, in which thinking if something is going to cure you actually does, even if it’s a sugar pill. This proves that our minds and our bodies can do what it needs to heal, it’s just a matter of our belief systems. An absolutely amazing resource to fully explain how beliefs impact our cells is the book The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton.

Realize right now that you have a choice to feel good right now or any time you want. Our choices to feel emotions such as happiness, joy, peace, appreciate and gratitude can have ripple effects into our bodies, making our pain go away. What a gift this is!! I’ve listened to Chunyi Lin give his advice on practicing qigong, and what he likes to say about some aspects of qigong is “if you believe it, it works like that. If you don’t believe it, it still works like that!” Choose to feel good right now, forgive yourself and others, and be kind with unconditional love. You’ll be amazed how you feel and how much energy you have during your daily life.

Trent Corey PT, DPT

Find Yourself Running, LLC

Xtra Mile Physical Therapy

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