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How Much Do You Truly SMILE at Work?

The word "vocation" actually comes from the Latin word "vocari" which means "to call."

I don’t know how much you know about me and my vocation, but I’ve been told when I’m working (and many other places for that matter) that I smile a lot. Hopefully not a crazy kind of smile but a genuine one that is truly joyful. It doesn’t hurt to have the most beautiful wife and family that anyone can ask for.

That’s because when I go to work every morning, I get a great opportunity to help people on a very real and applicable level. You see, as a physical therapist, I get to help a great number of people to work with less pain, reach for something high off a shelf, lift their grandchildren, in other words: live their lives with a better quality and enjoyment than before they came to see me.

Now I could take a ton of credit for the healing that takes place, but that is totally bogus. Sometimes the thought of being a healer gives those in the health profession a higher sense of importance or ego boost. After all, it could be reasoned that a person goes to doctor/therapist/whoever, person gets better, so therefore that health care worker “got them better”. Man, is that so tempting to pat yourself on the back, especially since what we do can be so difficult and draining to find the right solutions for our patients.

However, I also realize that the other side of the coin is true with many people who might not be getting better as quick as I’d like.

I know that I don’t need to take credit or blame for any of it, because I know that my training will bring me so far, but then the wisdom of the body and God will take care of the rest.

You see, there is a wonderful mysterious force/energy in the universe called Qi, or life force energy. What we are learning more and more about Qi is its intelligence to know where to go, especially in healing. This is a reason why I’ve begun some moderately intense study of Qigong, an ancient science of energy in which energy blockages are cleared so the body can restore more balance and flow. It’s like if there’s a dam in the middle of a river, the areas above will flood while downstream there’s a drought. Once we have things flowing right, the blockages can disappear.

What excites me is that I can see both from my Western engineering school mindset and the more right brain/new age/Eastern perspective, and see how it all integrates to the whole.

When I read in the Bible the healings of Jesus, it is gives me faith that Christ’s energy is right there. When I’ve read Acts and the healings by Peter and Stephen, that stokes me even more, because they acted as an empty vessel for the spirit to do their work. They were “regular people”. My path has led me to this amazing time in life that my ability to conduct and transfer this energy is increasing, and EVERY one can have the capacity to let the spirit work in them.

I completely believe that, and of course I have struggles with this as many of you probably have. I am working to have that complete “trust test” of letting go and letting God do the work, and this letting go is getting easier and easier each day, and feels amazing!!!

Our bodies give us the opportunity to feel if something is wrong and then work to correct it. What truly interests me is to teach people the lessons our bodies give us and come out of the rehab process as a better and more loving/forgiving person, especially of ourselves.

Although I do a lot of things with my patients that can seem on purely a physical level, often it is not, and that is great. What gets me really excited in the future for me is to help people to connect to the infinite source of energy that is Qi, that force of God that is ever present in our lives, and to feel that really makes me beam the biggest smile my face knows how to do.

Trent Corey PT, DPT

Find Yourself Running, LLC

Xtra Mile Physical Therapy

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