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Book Review: The True Power of Water, By Masaru Emoto

Book Review by Trent Corey, PT, DPT

This is truly extraordinary stuff, yet it is so basic to our very fabric and essence in our cells. This goes way beyond the whole “hey, you need to be hydrated” speech that most running magazines will give you!!

Dr. Emoto been taking photographs of water crystals for many years now and he has experimented with putting certain messages on the water, like the word “LOVE” or “HATE” right on the vial. He has shown that the pictures of water crystals vary depending on what is written. Please take a look here.

When I first wrote this review about 2-3 years ago, I had the book on my shelf for a couple months having renewed at the library over and over again because I think how exciting it is to look at. The book is quite little and has a little information about why water is so important, and that water itself can heal. However, the most amazing thing I think is to look at the pictures inside and see these crystals forming that happened based on the message that is given to a vial of water. You are able to see a big difference when you put the words “love” and “gratitude” on a vial of water compared to words like “worrying” or “stress” or “hate”. This is absolutely fascinating work and really drives home the importance of us really watching what we say for we are over 70% water.

Illnesses react to negative emotions: Those who think negatively tend to become ill easily. Dr. Emoto has come up with a way to give certain life force frequencies to water in order to help people heal. The energy that he calls this the water is H.A.D.O. Dr. Emoto finds that often the truth is in worrying is often the cause of illness part of his book says for example those who feel stress tend to have problems with their intestines. Worries are often expressed as problems in the cervical nerves, irritability in the parasympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system, excess fear in the kidneys, and anxiety in the stomach.

He goes on to explain the placebo effect and how people with thinking certain ways create an effect their bodies, whether positive or negative. I find this to be the case in my own clinical practice as a physical therapist: The people who were very positive thinking tends just to better than those who worry all the time. Not to say those people don't get better, but I find that the positive approach is much easier to work with and tends to get better results. Plus it's more fun.

So the next time you think about how you're not healing well or that things are not good, just remember that your body is carrying those messages, because we are mostly water which actually has a memory and is living throughout us.

Hold positive thoughts in your body and imagine what you want to have happen. The more you do this with strong feeling and expectation, the more you see how your life is shaping just the way you intended.

When we say something like “I hope my mother’s cancer will be cured” this can affect water and healing, but it is more powerful to say “My mother’s cancer WAS cured”. This directs a more hopeful and with stronger intent to the message, along with having a strong image of a cure. So what do you have to lose? I recommend you to hold in your mind’s eye an image of you in complete wellness, and say “my plantar fasciitis was cured” or whatever it is you want better. The more clear the image, the better, and the more you verbalize and emotionalize it with certainty, the better.

Why wouldn’t you do this? Sure beats dwelling in “stinkin’ thinkin’” as Zig Ziglar would put it. Plus, you actually have science on your side here—this is no longer in the realm of the woo-woo. I intend to do this right now for my hip pain with my Qigong practice. You would greatly benefit from this, and realize the next time you drink water that it has meaning to it. Give it the meaning you want it to have.

Trent Corey PT, DPT

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