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Avoid Joint Replacements: Some First Resorts to Try

I love that there is a way for people who have joints beyond repair to get some relief. However, I believe that too much attention and money is focused on the last resort instead of ways to get to the causes of joint degeneration. These include malnourishment of the body's cells (stemmed from poor digestion), lack of healthy every day movement, muscle/joint imbalances and weaknesses, and emotional and energetic blocks that we hold in our body, including the joints.

We need to look into things that people have succeeded to help regenerate their joint tissue, including those that involve the energetic aspect of healing. Here’s some quick thoughts that I consider helpful for arthritic joints:

There are many foods and supplements that you can take, but PLEASE do your own research and consult with your healthcare provider. I am not a nutritionist, but I can tell you what I’ve found to be helpful for several other patients and runners. I will go more in depth on most of these supplements in another blog post.

Omega 3: This seems to be a consensus pick to address inflammation, especially DHA. Taking up to 2000mg of the DHA could give a great boost to healing. Most people don’t take enough—read the label carefully. (found in higher quality fish oil or krill oil)

Turmeric: This spice has shown great evidence of decreasing inflammation around the body. You can take capsules that contain a high level of curcumin, a compound in turmeric that gives it its healthy qualities. I get the powdered form that I will put on my eggs in the morning. Also, it’s important to take it with pepper, since this dramatically increases its absorption.

Proteolytic Enzymes: These help to break down fibrin, which is scar tissue from previous injuries. These enzymes must be taken between meals to increase their effectiveness. The brand I’ve used is Wobenzym, but there are others including Vitalzyme and Serra Peptase.

MSM/DMSO: This is absolutely great for the joints. Recommended reading on these include DMSO: Nature’s Healer by Dr. Morton Walker:

Also, the Miracle of MSM by Dr. Stanley Jacob:

Vitamin C: This is critical for connective tissue healing and mobility. Take a look at Linus Pauling’s work on the subject:

Boswellia Serrata (Frankincense): This one is ancient in its origin, as you may know from the three wise men in the Bible. This is known to be very good for general inflammation and cleansing of the body. Frankincense essential oil is one of the most potent of the oils, which is reflected in its price. I’ve had great results with both.

Antioxidants (MEGA hydrate): There are many great antioxidants, which helps to eat up free radicals in the body that can cause damage to our cells. One of them is vitamin C (listed above), but you’ll do very well just eating brightly colored food—one of the best is blueberries. I’ve also come across MegaHydrate, a super duper hydrating antioxidant that I’ll take if I come down with a cold—it really helps to knock it out.

Magnesium: This one is really important, since it drives over 300 enzymatic processes in the body. Most people take too much calcium and not enough magnesium. Two great books to read are the Magnesium Miracle by Dr. Carolyn Dean MD ND and The Calcium Lie II by Dr. Robert Thompson.

CMO: Cetyl Myristoleate: Take a look at this article here. I personally don’t know a lot of people who’ve taken it, but the statistics are promising here.

Healthy attitude: I think this is a huge aspect of healing, which means to have gratitude, appreciation, love, kindness, and forgiveness in your heart as much as possible. Sometimes it’s not easy when you hurt, but sometimes pain can be a starting point to focus on to get true healing. I highly encourage the Emotional Freedom Technique or “Tapping” to release the sensation of pain and the emotions that are stuck with the pain. Many thousands if not millions of people around the world are touting the effectiveness of this strange technique.

We might as well try EVERYTHING including what I listed above first, before you run the risk of infection, blood clots, and even death (in rare cases, but it does happen). Getting surgery does not guarantee a good outcome, and my patients in PT will tell you that it’s no picnic. Generally, these people do much better after their surgeries—especially with good physical therapy!

Take really good care of yourself, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. Do the things outlined in the book ChiRunning and in my blog posts BEFORE you go down this road. You really don't want to go there if you don't have to. Be well my friends,

Trent Corey PT, DPT

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