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How Strong is Your Desire to Change?

Do you treat your body like a beat up station wagon, or do you treat it as a temple for your spirit here on earth until you die? Do you curse the knee or shoulder that hurts, or do you send love to it like one of your children? Once we realize that this body is the only one we get, we tend to take care of it more. Sadly, this often happens when we have a health scare or major problem when it may be too late. Only then do we wake up and make a change, but you must really want to change. Remember this equation:

Desire to Change > Desire to Stay the Same

In order to change, your Desire to Change must be greater than your Desire to Stay the Same. For example, when someone comes into the clinic in a lot of pain, I know that they are very motivated to get better. They will do whatever I tell them to get better because things are more desperate. Their pain is affecting every aspect of their life: their desire to change is very high!!

However, once that same person is feeling better in a couple weeks, they may skip their exercises from every day to once every couple days. That may be ok if they are feeling better, but it could mean that they may not get any better from that point because their desire to change is less.

So—How much desire do you have to change? How much are you willing to participate in your own healing process? The answers you give will be very telling on how much you are willing to do to accomplish your goal. Some people want amazing dreams to come true, and they can be very possible, but once they see all the work that’s needed, they give up. Or they go for a little while, then get discouraged and quit. The desire to change goes down. Have you ever given up on a goal because it was too much to do, too little time, not enough money, (insert excuse here), etc.?

I’m not trying to be harsh here, because I’ve been there and done this too. It’s important before embarking on my program that you have an understanding of human nature, especially your tendencies and how that affects the achievement of your goals. You must be focused on the things I tell you, and not get caught on distractions to your healing (there are many!).

Many of us have a tendency to whine or complain when we are in pain. I get it. I do this too, and my job is to listen to what you have going on. BUT this will not get you anywhere at all. I do need to know how you are functioning and moving to make my job more effective for you, but once you give energy to your problem and pain, it’s like adding fuel to a fire.

It’s very important to get into a healing state of mind with a positive expectancy.

My job is to help clear anything in the way of your healing—that’s why I’m different, and that’s why many other therapies may not work. I really believe deeply in my heart that for most people, I can help you feel much better, but also feel better about yourself and your daily life that goes way beyond the aches and pains you come to see me for. Stay tuned to this blog for many of the techniques that I find help people, including Total Motion Release (TMR), Pain Neutralization Technique (PNT) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

I hope that your desire to change flows tremendously to propel you to your goals.

Trent Corey PT, DPT

Find Yourself Running, LLC

Xtra Mile Physical Therapy

Plus: Whenever you’re ready... here are 3 ways I can help you feel fit, healthy and strong again without pain meds, injections or surgery...

1. Grab a free copy of my book

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2. Request a Total Body Diagnostic Test.

We've got room on our schedule for a few new patients this month and if you’d like to find out exactly what's going on in as little as 20 minutes, maybe even just get a 2nd opinion... just send me a message at with the words “TBD”. You can also click here to fill out a quick form so I can help you more.

3. Work with me and our team privately.

If you’re serious about getting out of pain and back to running, and you’d like to work directly with me to help you feel Fit, Healthy and STRONG again... just send me a message at with the words ”ALL IN!” ... tell me a little about what's going on and what you’d like to work on together, and I’ll get you all the details! 👈

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